Rebak Island Resort & Marina Langkawi: A Private Island Getaway

Rebak Island Resort and Marina Langkawi Review

It was two in the afternoon and the sea breeze was lulling me to sleep. I was sitting on the veranda of our suite in Rebak Island, watching the waves softly hit the shore, birds fluttering and flying across the clear sky. I gazed through the glass door of the suite and noticed that our son was fast asleep. I then gestured to the hubby to join me for an afternoon coffee. It was one of those rare moments when all I could think about was to be present at the moment.

Langkawi was our second stop on our 35-day backpacking trip around Malaysia, Singapore, and a couple of islands in the Philippines. We called our trip, Backpacking With A Kid 2023 since it’s our first time to bring our three-year-old son on this kind of trip. We traveled during my two-month school break, after the restrictions from the worldwide pandemic eased up.


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    Rebak Island Resort & Marina is an exclusive 390-acre island resort in Langkawi that offers secluded beaches and lush tropical jungles. The island is home to several local flora and fauna, the perfect escape from the bustling city life.

    Rebak Island Resort and Marina Langkawi Review

    After checking out from our hotel in Pantai Cenang, we booked a taxi online to the resort’s jump-off point. We arrived at the pier at around two in the afternoon, just in time for the next scheduled speedboat to the island. We were ushered to a registration area where our bags were collected—we got reunited with our stuff when we checked into our suite.

    The scenic speedboat ride to the island took almost ten minutes. We passed through beautiful terrains and yachts that were docked on the marina. There was a buggy waiting for us when we arrived on the island. Akira, our son, wanted to ride in front which the driver obliged—he held Akira all throughout the ride.

    Rebak Island Resort and Marina Langkawi Review

    We were brought to the main receiving area and were given cold towels and refreshing welcome drinks. The check-in process was a breeze and in no time, we were given the cutest keycard ever to our suite. It was a wooden card, and I asked one of the staff if I could bring it home as a souvenir—they happily granted my request.

    We were then ushered to a buggy once again, which brought us to our home for three days in Rebak Island.





    Our suite was located on the second level of a two-storey structure that resembled a traditional Malay house. We tapped the wooden keycard that opened up to an amazingly huge suite.

    Rebak Island Resort and Marina Langkawi Rebak Suite

    What I noticed first was the beautiful layout. The wrap-around plan made Akira go round and round the whole area, pretending he’d be gone and be back again. The different areas were clearly defined and it was quite nice that they put a lot of windows off the side of the room that faced the Senari Strait. You can actually open up the whole space with a great view of the sea by parting all the curtains.


    Rebak Island Resort and Marina Langkawi Rebak Suite

    The design of the 76-square meter suite was mostly traditional Malay. From the steep thatched roof to the wooden floors and ceilings, you’d feel the room’s tropical vibes right away. There were also a few batik creations hanging on the wall.

    There’s a living area with a TV—that we didn’t get to use—and a coffee pod machine. There’s also a mini fridge and a workstation. A comfy sofa that can also be used as an extra bed was in the middle of the room with a center table. A ceiling fan was also installed in the middle of the room.

    Rebak Island Resort and Marina Langkawi Rebak Suite

    The king-sized bed was framed with an accent wall painted with a reddish-orange tone. Table and wall lamps were everywhere which added a homey feel to the whole space.

    At the back of the accent wall was the closet and vanity area. It featured a his and hers lavatory, which I totally love. The vanity area has its own chair and lamp, which I immediately filled with my stuff.

    Rebak Island Resort and Marina Langkawi Rebak Suite

    The bathroom and shower area were tucked on the farthest end of the room. It has a bathtub and a separate stall for the shower.

    Rebak Island Resort and Marina Langkawi Rebak Suite

    The veranda opened up to a great view of the Senari Strait and we also got a view of the swimming pool.

    As much as we wanted to go to the beach right away, we let Akira take his afternoon nap first. We then unpacked our stuff and had our afternoon coffee paired with the complimentary cookies on the veranda.




    Akira woke up at around four in the afternoon and immediately asked if we could go to the beach and swim. We wasted no time and donned our swimsuits.

    Rebak Island Resort and Marina Langkawi

    The water was slightly cooler than expected, perfect for Malaysia’s hot afternoons. Akira had some snack in between swimming, and after a while, he said that he wanted to try the pool.

    Rebak Island Resort and Marina Langkawi Pool

    Akira instantly made friends with other kids while swimming. The kiddie pool was connected to the adult pool through a partition. We stayed there until sunset and promised our son that we'd definitely swim again the next day.




    All of our meals were spent in Senari Sea View Restaurant. Housed in the main structure of the reception area, the all-day dining restaurant of Rebak Island Resort & Marina offers halal Malay and Continental dishes.

    Rebak Island Resort and Marina Langkawi Restaurant

    We had two breakfast meals and enjoyed the wide array of breakfast fares on their buffet set-up.

    Akira would usually pick a couple of donuts and muffins plus olives from the salad section. Christian enjoyed the fried noodles and meat dishes. I, on the other hand, loved their croissants and local rice cakes.


    Rebak Island Resort and Marina Langkawi Restaurant

    We also got to try their famous beef rendang and burger kingdom on our first night.     
    The next evening, a Saturday night, we got to join their Barbecue Night where we got to try some freshly grilled seafood, meats, and more. There’s also a buffet dinner spread as part of the meal. We enjoyed the unlimited barbecue. There was also an acoustic duo during our dinner, which added a cheery feel to our dining experience.




    We woke up very early on our last day as we joined the Sunday Morning Nature Walk around the island. Mr. Selva, the resident nature guide, was fun and very informative. He gave tons of information about the flora and fauna on the island.

    Rebak Island Resort and Marina Langkawi Nature Walk

    We started with a quick look around the plants and mangroves nearby then went deeper into the forest for a quick hike. Mr. Selva was amazed by our three-year-old son’s interest in nature. The group also noted his patience as we delved through some of the more challenging parts of the hike.

    Rebak Island Resort and Marina Langkawi Nature Walk

    We were halfway on our nature hike when Akira told me that he saw a pitcher plant. He was so amazed, he easily located it out of the thick foliage, and told me how it catches the insects as its prey. Of course, he got that from the lecture that our guide gave some moments ago. At the tender age of three years old, he never complained about the trek as well as the heat of the sun. It’s all an adventure for him.





    During our first night, we had an outdoor movie night that featured a romantic comedy film. The sound of the waves and the night breeze were so relaxing. Free popcorns were served for guests who signed up for the movie night—which was free, by the way.

    Rebak Island Resort and Marina Langkawi Outdoor Movie

    We also got to walk around the property on a quiet morning right after breakfast. There were bicycles and ATVs for hire but we opted for a leisurely stroll.

    Rebak Island Resort and Marina Langkawi Review

    Our son also enjoyed the indoor playroom that housed some games, puzzles, and toys for kids. There’s also a TV that you could use. We were also lent some sand toys that Akira enjoyed.

    Rebak Island Resort and Marina Langkawi Playroom

    We also got the chance to go to the marina which has its own store and facilities. This is also the place where guests can wait for the next available schedule of complimentary boat transfers to the mainland.




    Rebak Island Resort and Marina Langkawi Review

    What I noticed during our whole stay at Rebak Island Resort and Marina was the pleasant and warm gestures of all the staff. It felt like they were enjoying their job and it really shows how they treat each and every guest. I’m from the Philippines and being hospitable and friendly is like second nature to me. We’ve been around Malaysia countless times and I must say that not all hotels and resorts have the same customer service that they provide at Rebak Island Resort and Marina.


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