My Top 5 YOLO Trips of 2013

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Geloy: Ate Carla, Napaka - YOLO ng trip na 'to noh?!
Carla: Huh? YOLO?
Geloy: You only live once... 'Di mo alam?

5 years in Public School. 2 years in Graduate School. New friends. Old flings. Challenges. Victory. Trials. Triumph. Lost. Found. From Babuyan Islands to Sulu. I am Carla, 29 years old, Philippines and I believe that the greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do, Thank You!

Looking back, my top 5 craziest things  I did on a trip article last year was the first time I took a shot on making a year-end post. It’s hard for me to rank and classify things but somewhat succeeded on my year-ender. And since 2013 is my best year with regard to traveling, I am, again, making a post on the YOLO trips I had this year (because really, you only live once). A total of 76 posts, 155 followers, 228 rss readers and 310,691 page views; it’s not that grand but I am truly blessed. Thanks to you guys for joining me on my journey to blissfulness. So here’s my Top 5 YOLO trips for 2013. 

5. Antique
Kawa hot bath. Raft fishing. Kayaking. Muscovado.

Blissfulguro Blog Anniversary

4. El Nido
Amazing beaches. Limestones. Nemo. Nice locals. 

Blissfulguro Blog Anniversary

3. Siargao/Bucas Grande
Pristine waters. Stingless jellyfish. Relaxed town. Chill trip.

Blissfulguro Blog Anniversary

2. Babuyan Islands
Lobsters. Curachas. Best kept beach. Karsts. Whales. Wildest boat ride ever.

Blissfulguro Blog Anniversary

1. Sulu
Camp life. Marines. Kahawa Sug coffee. Calmest beach. Volunteer.

Blissfulguro Blog Anniversary

You only live once right?
Might as well do the things you love and share it to everyone!
Happy 2014 y'all!

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  1. Replies
    1. Miss ko na kayo! Travel tayong 3 ung chill lang. hehehe! :)

    2. mas inggit ako sa india ninyo! hahaha

  2. nice one, carla! nainspire naman ako magsipag sa pagblog. :) happy new year!

  3. Ikaw na mahilig kay YOLO, bet na bet namin yang mala agaw buhay trip mo sa Sulu. Happy New Year!

  4. Happy New Year! More travels for you in 2014.

  5. Dami na achieve sa 2013!! Sana mameet kita in person mkpagpicture man lang hihi

    1. wow naman! haha. ako ang magpapapicture sayo! :)

  6. wow bongga! super love ko yung first photo..
    Have a blessed new year!

  7. YOLO!! Ang daming gala, #inggit!! Happhy New Year Teacher Carla! :)

  8. Congrats on a very good year! I agree with you, we do only live once! Kaya go lang ng go! Hope you have a blast this 2014!

  9. I envy your fruitful posts of 2013... I have been outdated in my travel shares last year so it is less stories shared than my year 2012 posts.
    The first pic is a true depiction of a YOLO trip!

  10. KUdos, Youre really a smart traveller. If i were your age im 52 right now, i might also do the same, i regret im a late bloomer


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