Saturday, March 30, 2013

Vikings Luxury Buffet - SM City North EDSA

I love to eat - yes. I am a food critic - no. As much as possible I'm trying to keep things as simple as it can be. I don't want to complicate things. That said, my palate is also simple. If I didn't like a certain taste then I don't and I will not even find out why. Sometimes I crave for sweet stuff, sometimes salty or sometimes crunchy. Depending on my mood actually. So let's keep it that way - no complications.

Two Saturdays ago, my mom celebrated her 58th birthday and my brother irked me to try Vikings in its new branch in SM City North EDSA. I am in no mood for buffet that day but he insisted. So we tried calling them for a dinner reservation but declined the request saying that reservation should be made 2 weeks prior. 

At 4 p.m. we were all set to go to the mall to try our luck in queuing for the "walk-in" guests. And yes we made it to the roster of walk-in guests. At 5:30 p.m. they started calling out the numbers and we were ushered to our table. The servers constantly asked us if there's someone who's celebrating its birthday. Apparently, there's a discount if there's someone who's celebrating his/her birthday on that day (they check it through government issued IDs). That's 1,088 pesos slashed off the bill. Wow!

We didn't waste time and checked out the buffet spread (that literally circled the whole space). There were loads of food stations which they continuously replenish. You would never run out of anything you want (except for the fruit shakes - they only served watermelon shake that night). And then my site went from personal to food blog.

we are so ready!
breads - I didn't get to taste those
appetizers - just a portion of the whole section
dimsum yum!
Chinese stuff
hot pots
fresh seafoods ready to hit the grill
carnivores hooray!
free flowing drinks
sodas, juices, beers, shakes, coffee, tea and more
a part of the dessert section - white and milk chocolate fondue
even your brekkie comfort food
the shrimp/chip shooter was not that good
the grapes have seeds
the cheese spreads were yummy
my all-time fave nachos!
the chili con carne topping was superb!
you have the liberty to make your own pasta and they will deliver it on your table
the arabatta sauce on the spaghetti was not good (I let my brother finish it for me)
the onion soup was overpowering
nothing remarkable on this plate
the nido soup was ok
the bite-sized hakaw was yummy
the broccoli soup was yummy
the beef kebab was tender and flavorful
the chicken satay was curry infested
the spicy chicken pizza wasn't spicy but ok
the Japanese plate
the black rice roll was new to me
everything was ok
grilled pink salmon, tuna belly and squidnot yummy according to my mom (no marinade daw)
Medium US Beef Top Blade in Truffle sauce - just ok
my favorite for the night (And I'm not even a steak person)
Merlin Striploin in Red Wine sauce - super tender and perfect
dessert plate - just ok according to my brother (me no have a sweet tooth)
the taho is taho less the distinct syrup from the peddlers
there's unlimited beer y'all
I didn't get to take photos of the other fave of my mom which was the baked oysters. It was superb according to her. The brother loved all of the steaks - he wants his steak medium rare to medium. But both of them loved the frozen yogurt. They had loads of it. Special mention would be the Blueberry Lemonade - I had too much of it.

nth serving of froyo
frozen yogurt with peaches
big brother: carla kamukha ko ba si john lloyd?
carla: huh?! please! wag tayo nagbibiro habang kumakain
happy na birthday pa!
my mom and the neighbor table kid cassie (they just met there)
Overall, I find their buffet spread so vast that it is impossible for you to taste each of it. Maybe next time I would get to taste all of the items I missed but for now our Vikings shindig was such a nice experience. Their food came next after the amazing entertainment factor we had in the restaurant. See, they asked us many times if we were celebrating someone's birthday. And aside from the discount we had, my mom was treated to a mini show c/o the restaurant's very entertaining staff. They strategically went into the earmarked tables and they will call out the attention of the crowd and introduce the birthday girl/boy to its celebrity look-alike. Like someone was introduced as "KC Concepcion" and "Kim Chiu". They went into our table and did a birthday thingy for my mom. We were all dancing and singing with them. It was really fun!

John and Pat on the tambourine
plus for entertainment factor by Pat
After the thing for my mom, John and Pat (two of the performers/staff) shouted that it was also the birthday of "Ms.Juris of M.Y.M.P.", I was looking for that person and much to my surprise they put this Viking hat on me and started performing their song and dance number. It was so hilarious. Watch this video...

The dining experience in Vikings was great. Had it not been my mom's birthday it wouldn't be as much fun I guess. The staff were so great that they gave my mom a birthday cake. It was indeed a very fun night for the 58th of my mom. I would gladly try out again Vikings buffet  again (sponsor anyone?) to have a fair judgment of the food.

carla: you're old na mom!
mom: kahit na, wala naman sa itsura...
carla: oh eh ikaw na!

Vikings Luxury Buffet Restaurant
SM City North EDSA
The Block, 4th Level
Contact Numbesr: (+63) 2.376.3888 | (+63) 2.376.4888 | (+63) 2.376.5888


  1. Happy Birthday to your mom! :D Namiss ko tuloy mama ko. T_T

  2. Mukhang masarap lahat. I'm not a fan of buffet because I easily get full. Nanghihinayang ako sa pera. Hehe.

    Ayus, kamukha mo pala si Juris eh. :D

    1. ako naman ryan pag ganyan karami eh pare-pareho na lang lasa. haha

  3. yun oh, fumufood critic! pero i bet mas masarap jan nachos mo!!! i mizzz it!

    gusto ko yang bday promo, less the agaw eksenang bday greeting. hehe ayain ko din jan si mang narcing! =)

    1. go na sa birthday ni mang narcing! :)

  4. Ohh wow! May frozen yogurt machine sila!

    I haven't tried eating out in Vikings ever. But, with all the photos and your post, it seems like it is really great to feast there. Haha!

    1. oh yes! natuwa nanay ko sa fro yo na yan :)

  5. your photos tell that it's indeed a great place to dine! love the grandiose interior.

  6. ok yung rates nila sa kids kundi lugi ako sa anak ko na di pala kain. happy birthday to your mom! mali ako na nagbasa ako ng di pa nagbreakfast. gutom na gutom tuloy ako ngayon. hehe!

    1. haha. natawa naman ako dun michi. ako nga din ginutom bigla...

  7. Naks juris! hehehe! nakakatuwa naman ang bonding niyong mag anak. birthday din ni mama bukas. sakto nakita ko to. heheh! ^_^ Hindi rin ako magaling mag describe ng mga pagkain. Basta masarap, masarap.

    pakisabi sa brother mo, ung double chin ni john lloyd. lol! happy birthday sa mama mo.

    1. wow! happy birthday mudra! go na sa vikings. just bring 1 government ID swak na :)

  8. Happy birthday to your mom! :) Honestly, I haven't been to Vikings. Must give this a try soon! ;)

    1. thanks daw michy! go na bilis. hanap ka ng may birthday. haha

  9. waaa.. d ko mapanood ang video. :( Pero nakakagutom at nakakamiss kumain!! Hahaha!

    1. oh my irish! bakit di mo napapanood? haha. talagang nakakagutom ang food posts. kainis. hihi

  10. Try din siguro namin to sa November, sa bday ng Mama ko. Hehehe! :D

  11. at mukha ka ngang si juris ;-) pero ive heard expensive masyado ang vikings ;-) sulit naman siguro noh. at sasarap tingnan nong mga food.

    1. oo phioxee. dapat merong may birthday para medyo feeling mo naka sulit ka. haha

  12. We will definitely try this new branch...Happy birthday to your mom!

  13. belated happy birthday to your mom!:) now i miss vikings..I love to taste a little bit of everything but i must agree, the wide variety of choices from Vikings make it impossible to taste everything here!

    1. hi there berylle! kaya mas bet ko yung konting selections pero yummy lahat :)

  14. I like the humble tagline of the group. this gave me an idea in composing a tagline for our group here in Bukidnon mam.:-)...At grabe ka complete ang blog post nato, ang haba from photowalk at food shots.:-)....galing mo na mag shoot ah.:-).

  15. Hi! Im planning yo celebrate my birthday here on may 1. Ive read that the reservation will be two weeks? Or can we just go there and say that thees someone who will be celebrating birthday? Please reply. Thanks!

    1. im sorry for the late reply. yes, you could go there even without reservations :)

  16. hi. can you please give me viking's hotline for reservation. just checked their ph website, pero sira e. thanks in advance sa reply :)