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Alaminos Pangasinan Food Blog

Our very impulsive, three-day trip to Tambobong Beach turned out to be a very relaxed one so an equally rewarding meal would just be perfect.

Alaminos City is the gateway to the famous Hundred Islands (I have yet to explore this) and with this, lots of roadside food establishments around town emerged. One of which is Ate V’s Bistro Grill & Eatery. Our lovely resort owner, Ate V, also owns this restaurant and an invitation to try out some of the bestsellers on the menu made our tummies feel glad again (after feasting on all types of canned meat in Dasol).

Alaminos Pangasinan Food Blog

From Tambobong Beach, we hired a tricycle for 300 pesos to reach Burgos’ public market and waited for a bus heading to Alaminos City. The non-aircon buses going to the city were jam-packed so we ended up riding a jeepney (26 pesos each). It took us more or less an hour to reach Alaminos City from the town of Burgos. We immediately hopped on a tricycle (40 pesos for the whole trike) and instructed the driver to bring us to San Jose Drive (near Western Pangasinan District Hospital) and immediately spotted Ate V’s Bistro Grill & Eatery across the hospital.

Alaminos Pangasinan Food Blog

It was around noon and the place looks deserted when we arrived. It appears that the place starts to liven up before dinnertime. The warmest welcome was given to us by Ate V and all the staff. We were then given the menu list and decided to try some of their bestsellers. With the help from Ate V herself, we ordered Pigar-Pigar (150 pesos), Sizzling Balut (120 pesos), Tapang Kalabaw (150 pesos), Sizzling Pork Sisig (120 pesos), steamed rice and two rounds of our favorite beer.

We chatted with Ate V while waiting for the food to arrive and learned so much about her travels. It really is an easy conversation when all of you share the same passion. After some exchanges of travel stories, the food arrived and the aroma dominated the whole bistro. Judging by the food presentation, I know we’re all in for a very yummy treat.

I first tried the Pigar-Pigar which is very popular in Pangasinan. Made from carabeef, this dish reminded me of a dried version of Beef Steak. Ate V’s version is smothered with butter and is perfect with the veggie side dish. The meat is so tender that you wouldn’t feel that it’s buff meat. I liked it very much and I can finish an order of it with loads of rice.

Alaminos Pangasinan Food Blog

Next was the Tapang Kalabaw and the carabeef, again, is so tender that you wouldn’t need too much effort on nibbling it. The dipping sauce of soy and chilli were unnoticeable because of the tasty marinade from the meat. The huge onion rings added some bite to it.

Alaminos Pangasinan Food Blog

The Pork Sisig was sizzling hot and the egg just oozed from the top and cooked from the heat of the dish. The sisig is yummy but is not that crunchy nonetheless, we finished everything in no time.

Alaminos Pangasinan Food Blog

I intentionally let the Sizzling Balut to be my last shot for that meal. I was totally curious on how it was going to taste. I love balut; its broth, the yellow and white thingy and of course, the chick. I had everything on my spoon and slowly nibbled it. I let it linger for a moment to truly taste it. It is tasty, the sauce complimented the egg. I really enjoyed experiencing it in a different way. 

Alaminos Pangasinan Food Blog

We finished everything that was served and were really craving for more. The unique twists on the famous northern recipes are such a hit that we were yearning for more.

After the yummy brunch, we decided to have some few bottles before we head to Dagupan City. More stories were shared while gulping on the last few bottles we have. It was early afternoon and the bistro was still empty. I was hoping to stay longer to actually experience Alaminos City’s booze night. I’m sure there’ll be next time.

Ate V’s Bistro Grill and Eatery
Unit E, Boling Bldg., San Jose Dr.,
Alaminos City, Pangasinan
Contact Number: (+63) 908.820.2016


  1. Wait, sizzling Balut? Anu taste niya? Looks like delicious.. :D

    1. Masarap pala siya Arnie! Nakakamiss lang yung sabaw pero keri naman, sarap nung sarsa.


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