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My head was on the crook of my hand as I slumped on the couch and felt my eyes slowly drooping. It was Sunday afternoon and my body was trained to rest all day at this time. I was in the middle of my REM state when laughter burst from somewhere. My mind wanted to scream and stop it but my body was opposing. I fell into a deep coma for an hour or so until I was awoken by the sound of, still, laughter. From our big Two-Bedroom Suite of Holiday Inn Galleria Manila, I couldn’t understand why they chose to converge in one room, and I couldn’t believe why am I sleeping at all.

Holiday Inn Galleria Manila Blog

It was the coolest thing ever, my friends and I are having our first ever staycation in the metro with my mom, yes, with my dear mom. It was a rainy Saturday of June when my staycation-addicted friends saw a great deal for an overnight stay at Holiday Inn Galleria Manila (check here for discounted tours, transportation and activities in Metro Manila). They booked for a Two-Bedroom Suite Room (which will be the party room) while they secured a Deluxe Room dedicated only for my mom. It was the sweetest thing from my friends.

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Arriving at eleven in the morning, my mom and I breezed through Manila's traffic and arrived at the hotel earlier than everyone. We checked if our rooms were available at that time and much to my mom’s surprise, hers was. Checking in went swiftly as we had prior booking arranged. We were handed our key cards and were informed that we have complimentary welcome drinks at the in-house restaurant, the Fab Restaurant. We had some fresh juices and lounged on the comfy seats at the restaurant’s waiting area. We then went up to the 16th floor straight to my mom’s room.

Holiday Inn Galleria Manila Blog
Play area
The classy wooden paneling from the hallway and the warm lights from the lamps created a relaxed and homey ambiance. I could feel my mom’s excitement as we found her room. She opened the door as I tapped on the keycard, shrieks and gasps resonated throughout the room.

Holiday Inn Galleria Manila Blog
Wooden fixtures and furnishings dominated the room and the queen-sized bed felt too big for her. Two walls were covered with glass windows creating a panoramic view of the metro. The room also had an en suite toilet and bath (with bathtub) separate workstation and mini bar alongside a vanity closet and a flatscreen TV and coffee nook opposite the bed. My mom lounged on the bed, turned on the TV and stayed there the whole day. I let her rest that whole afternoon while I went on and checked our Two-Bedroom Suite Room on the 12th floor.

Holiday Inn Galleria Manila Blog
My mom's room :)
Together with my friends, we looked over our humble abode for the weekend while catching up with travel stories (me and my buddy just came from our 2-month Beach Hop Asia 2016 backpacking trip).

I was greeted by a spacious receiving area with plush sofa and end tables as I entered the room. A bar counter housed the mini fridge, coffee and tea-making facilities and whatnot.

Holiday Inn Galleria Manila Blog
Living room of our Two-Bedroom Suite
One wall was covered with glass windows and I went there to examine the view, the metropolis was enveloped in thick dark clouds covering the afternoon sky which made everything gloomy.

I walked over to a hallway where two bedrooms and two toilet and baths were located. The two rooms can’t be distinguished from each other as they looked the same. The same classy wood fixtures and furnishings were utilized. Both rooms were enclosed by floor to ceiling glass windows on two of its walls. A huge drape over a sheer one covered it and as I pushed it aside, it revealed a nice view of the city.

Holiday Inn Galleria Manila Blog
We can play hide n' seek
Holiday Inn Galleria Manila Blog
Splash tub
Both of the rooms were equipped with a queen-sized bed, fluffy pillows and duvet, flat screen TV, vanity closet, lounge seats with a coffee table and a separate workstation.

Holiday Inn Galleria Manila Blog
Bedroom number one
As expected, the group (we’re seven) scrambled to save their chosen spots while I was left at the couch and laughing at their almost hunger games-ish scene just to have their own space on the beds. I settled on the couch at the receiving area and called it my own.

We went out for dinner, with my mom, at a nearby mall and planned our night out. We ended up buying some alcohol and boozed up all night on the comfort of our room. My mom would’ve joined us if not for her body clock that seemed to be dragging her back to bed. And our own chill party ended until dawn, it’s always been like that.

Holiday Inn Galleria Manila Blog
I slept on the couch while the rest of the gang were in the bedrooms
It was seven in the morning when I received a phone call from my mom urging us to join her at breakfast, my friends obliged like she was their mom.

Holiday Inn Galleria Manila Blog
Fab Restaurant
The complimentary buffet breakfast was served at Fab Restaurant. At weekends, they usually extend their brekkie hours until eleven in the morning (perfect for those partied hard the night before). The spread was a mix of local and international breakfast favorites with a highlight on Filipino style breakfast. They also have a kids’ corner where cutesy plates and utensils were provided for children as well as bite-size burgers and pasta (yes, that’s for breakfast).

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I sampled the dim sum, congee, hash brown, crispy fried bacon and silken tofu (taho). But what I enjoyed the most are the mini burger and pasta from the kids’ section, including the cutesy utensils.

Holiday Inn Galleria Manila Blog
The group went back to the room and continued the slumber party. I sunk into the couch like a baby while a few tried to sleep and the others played around. We didn’t have plans to go out or anything. We just relaxed and goofed around until it was check out time. My mom had fun as my friends did too. It was totally a chill staycation at Holiday Inn Galleria Manila.

Holiday Inn Galleria Manila Blog

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