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I’m one of those tomboys who regards beauty regimen as washing my face with soap before going to bed. Growing up in a not-so-girly family (I have two brothers), I never saw the importance of taking care of my skin. So when me and my buddy had a chance to have a relaxing pamper me time in Penang, I was shocked to why I chose a facial treatment over massage at Pure Energy Spa. My buddy had that stern look on his face as I started to choose from a number of facial treatments. The girly in me chose not to notice it and focus on the list.

It was late afternoon, almost sundown, when we arrived on our home in Batu Ferringhi in Penang, the Lone Pine Hotel. We were torn whether to have an early beer sesh near the beach or reward ourselves with a massage, surprisingly, we chose the latter.

Batu Feringghi Penang Spa Blog

Pure Energy Signature Spa is located inside the premises of the hotel and as we entered it, we were welcomed by the staff in full force, until someone uttered a Filipino word. There were two Filipina therapists after all.

My buddy was busy scanning the massage part on the list of treatments while I was stuck on the facials. It was challenging for me as I try to differentiate one to the other. One of the staff helped me in assessing my needs and ended up choosing the Purifying facial treatment.

Batu Feringghi Penang Spa Blog

The warm tone inside the treatment area was a great prelude to the relaxing facial treatment. I was led to a private room where I was asked to wear a traditional malong for the duration of the procedure after which, I placed my stuff inside a locker.

Batu Feringghi Penang Spa Blog

Batu Feringghi Penang Spa Blog

I reclined on the treatment bed and then soothing music filled the room. Pure Energy Signature Spa only uses advanced botanical skincare line that is formulated and manufactured in Switzerland. Suitable to all skin types, including sensitive skin, it ensures utmost care to all patients.

It started with facial cleansing and followed by a soothing facial and neck massage. Afterwards, I lost count of the procedure itself and just enjoyed every moment of the Purifying Facial.

Batu Feringghi Penang Spa Blog

Batu Feringghi Penang Spa Blog

What I remember most was the relaxing facial, neck and shoulder massage every after phase. The gentle strokes from my therapist gave a calming effect to my skin, perfect break from our 2-month Beach Hop Asia 2016 summer backpacking trip.

The purifying facial treatment was a refreshing treat. The girly in me was happy and I will probably make facials as a routine to pamper my skin. Or I’ll ask my mom to treat me next time.

Pure Energy Signature Spa
Ground Floor, Lone Pine Hotel, Batu Ferringhi,
Penang, Malaysia
Contact Number: (+60) 4.886.8511
Open Hours: 10:00 am to 11:00 pm | daily

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