Six Tips on How to Handle Debt Collector Calls

Nobody is excited to receive a call from a debt collector. Generally, it’s always an awkward situation to deal with them especially when they use technical terms which can be overwhelming and intimidating. But if you know how to handle debt collector calls properly, then it will be less stressful than what it usually is.

Collection agencies are companies sought by businesses to recover funds that are past due. Generally, when you have a past due, you will receive calls not from the people you owe money with but from a third party agency. They will attempt to get you to pay your debt by making calls. Whether you’ve fallen behind in your credit card payments or haven’t paid your rent, bear in mind that these people specialize in debt collection and it is important to respond to them appropriately to have a smooth transaction. It may be impossible to stop debt collectors from calling you but there are sure ways in properly handling the situation.
Here are some tips on how to handle debt collector calls.

1. Nothing Is Personal

These people are just doing their job, keep that in mind. So regardless as how they come up to you, be professional on handling the call. Like in many other regular transactions, be tactful and detach yourself from the person and get right into the situation. Don’t lose your temper 'coz being too emotional often leads to accidentally divulging information that might jeopardize you later on.

2. Know Your Legal Rights

There are things that these agencies are prohibited to do to protect the rights of the consumers. One of which is that they cannot keep on calling you once you requested them in the form of writing to cease the calls. Check the collection call laws in your area so that you would know when a debt collector violates it. Make sure to remember any legal information that you encountered on your research for you to respond lawfully to the call.

3. Take Notes

It is always your prerogative to answer the call or not. Should you wish to accept the call from the debt collector, you must keep a record of the conversation. Whether it’s written on a piece of paper or your smartphone’s notepad, you should have a proof of conversation especially when legal terms are discussed. Jot down everything including; the name of the caller, his/her company, the date and time of the call, and other important matters.

4. Do Not Provide Your Personal Information

You should refrain from disclosing anything about you and your financial status whether the debt is legally yours or not. They have no reason to get any much information. Also, there are debt collector scams which may appear legitimate but are actually fraudulent.

5. Do Not Make Promises

Even if you really owe the money, never make any confirmation of payments or even providing statements which may appear that you are acknowledging the obligation. This is to protect you on any legal implication that may occur especially on statute of limitations for the debt.

6. Talk To A Lawyer

It is always best to consult a lawyer regarding your rights on debt collection matters and the ways on dealing with an aggressive debt collector to assure you of your protection.

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