Things To Consider When Choosing Your NYC Apartment

One of the major decisions that you have to make as an adult is to look for the perfect place to live in. Apartment hunting may be exciting at first but when you realize how difficult it is to match the lifestyle that you have with your home, it can be really challenging.
New York City is one of the top destinations in America because it has always been a hub for culture, arts, and food. Some top-notch movies and TV series were even shot here because it somehow embodies the typical ‘American Dream’ for some.

Many have fell in love with ‘The City That Never Sleeps’ and called it home. Looking for the perfect apartment whether for short or long term has never been as easy now with the help of online apartment search portals such as Zumper. It’s fast, easy to navigate, and you could see real-time deals at the comfort of your home.

And once you’ve decided to make the big move to New York City, consider this checklist.


1. Budget

This may be on top of everyone’s list when it comes to apartment hunting. The main things to consider here are the rent, utilities, and other move-in costs. But bear in mind that there are other payments that you need to take care like parking, internet, gas and other dues that are not directly stated on the lease agreement.

The bottom line here is that you have to get the place that you afford. Generally, 30% of your monthly income is the budget that you have to set for your rental. And that includes all other incidental expenses.

2. Location

New York City is also considered as ‘The Melting Pot of the United States’ because of its diverse culture and vibrant neighborhoods. Considering your lifestyle, the location will actually make or break your decision in apartment hunting.

Are you a freelancer or do you commute to work? Do you need to be surrounded with lush greeneries? Is it safe in that area? Is it pet-friendly? Are there any grocery stores nearby? There will be hundreds of questions once you finally set your own boundaries in your idea of a perfect place to live, so you better find the answers now or suffer later on.

3. Inspection

Are you planning to live alone or with some friends? Do you need a huge space or a cozy one? These are just some of the questions that you need to ask yourself before even considering a specific apartment. If you could answer this right away then you could easily filter your online apartment rental search and then you can now set one full day of inspections.

When you are viewing an apartment, make sure that you inspect every single detail that you might miss. Make a checklist on the things to check including the sinks, showers, power outlets, and internet connection among other things. You may want to take photos or videos for reference. Do a thorough search to save time and effort with each and every apartment inspection that you would do.

4. Documents

Before even starting the hunt for your future home, you may want to prepare the documents that will be needed for the paperwork such as employment certificate, tax returns, reference letters from former landlords, bank statements, photo ID, and other credentials. If you do not have these documents then you need someone who can act as your guarantor. There will also be an application fee depending on the current rent laws and prepare to pay a security deposit and advance deposit once you signed the lease agreement on your perfect home.


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