Unique Online Activities for Teenagers

It’s been a month now since the new school year started and in the Philippines, we’re still on distance learning mode of delivery. It’s been the second year of this kind of school set-up and I know how hard it is to cope up especially if you’re a teener who wants to go out and socialize. Aside from the physical health concerns brought about by this pandemic, I am also concerned about the mental health of my students.

My high school students and I know that they are currently experiencing puberty which is a crucial stage for growth and development. Their claustrophobic environment in their homes isn’t helping them to unleash their potentials to be the person they want to be. So in my own little way, I encourage them to explore more outside their social media accounts to battle teenager stress during the pandemic.

Here’s a rundown on the unique online activities for teenagers.

1. Create an Online Diary

Whether it’s a blog or vlog, creating your own online diary will help you track the milestones or even the simplest things in your life. It will also help you develop your self-confidence. Just make sure that you know your limits in terms of sharing information about you.
Classic Solitaire Game from Solitaire.org

2. Play Online Brain Games

Playing recreational games is one of my lessons to my 8th grader students. What I do is I play this Online Classic Solitaire Game during one of our virtual discussions to teach them the basics without them looking for an actual deck of cards at home. What I like most about this online card game is when I get bored of the classic game there are other versions to choose from on the website.

3. Join an Online Book Club or Cooking Club

I used to finish a book in a week but now, my students could hardly touch an actual paperback textbook. There are a lot of online clubs that you could join like art workshops, book clubs or baking classes. It’s actually cool to have a group where everyone shares the same interest.

4. Join Online Yoga or Meditation Classes

One of the reasons why meditation or yoga classes are popular these days is because we all need to find solace in our daily routine especially if you’re a teenager who wants to escape the confines of your house. These online classes promote mental and spiritual wellness which starts within you.  

5. Organize Online Tutorial for Kids

I have a student wherein she spends her spare time on having online tutorial for kids. Aside from earning a little extra, she said that she’s doing it to boost her self-confidence.

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